Rose Nightingale’s Gift of Compassion

Thursday, February 1, 2018
Bernard Nightingale with Bereavement Counsellor Jean Nixon.

Rose Nightingale will be remembered for all her love and kindness through the counselling services offered to children, their families, carers and the bereaved at the Hopewell Centre.

The bequest from her estate is a gift of compassion and generosity to the Gold Coast Community. The charity chosen by her family is the much needed hospice and grief support centre, a special and unique place where people facing loss are supported.   

Hopewell exemplifies Rose’s strong sense of hospitality and care. The diverse services offered include Paradise Kids, where children and their parents learn to deal with grief and loss; Living Well Day Respite, where terminally ill people and their carers are nurtured and supported; the Outreach Program that offers home support to carers and the terminally ill in the community; and the Hospice, for in house end of life care.

Rose’s husband, Bernard Nightingale reflected, “She was patient, beautiful in so many ways, and as I was soon to learn, a woman who put others before herself many, many times. She was known for her good heart, so much so, that when she finally left this world, many have called me and told me what Rose had done to help them. I used to ask her why are you helping them?’ to which she would reply that was in her nature".

As an afterthought Bernard added, I supported my wife throughout her illness. "Unfortunately, I was not fully aware of all my options and found out too late that on the Gold Coast we have a hospice called Hopewell. We both would have received the support we so needed and Rose would have been in the most caring environment one could hope for. I hope that this legacy we are leaving with Hopewell will bring comfort to those at their time of need.”

Hopewell Services Inc Director, Vikki Strickland expressed her appreciation when she stated, “this much valued gift will fund the counselling role held by Jean Nixon who works tirelessly to give comfort, hope and support to many individuals and families in the Hopewell Centre and the Gold Coast community."