Hopewell Hospice is always seeking interested people who would like to volunteer their services in helping us to provide the very best of care for our Hospice residents.

There are various opportunities to be part of the caring volunteering team at Hopewell Hospice and this includes areas such as in-hospice caring, bereavement support, office work, fund raising, washing, cleaning, kitchen, craft, gardening and maintenance.

The best way to care for the dying is to offer unconditional loving support and this is helped by understanding your own attitudes and beliefs about death and dying.  The Hopewell Hospice Volunteer Training program emphasis that by doing your own inner work and examining your own thoughts and feelings about death and dying, you will be better prepared to offer unconditional loving support in the Hospice and to others coming to the end of life.  This two-day program is the initial training for working as a Hospice volunteer.

Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator  on 0756251900 to arrange an interview or contact us.