Deirdre Hanna 

Deirdre Hanna is Co-Founder of Hopewell Hospice Services Inc. in 1993, which includes Hopewell Hospice, Paradise Kids The Living Well Centre.

Deirdre worked as an Anglican Chaplain in The Royal Brisbane Hospital and then as an Ecumenical Chaplain in the Gold Coast Hospital’s Palliative Care Ward. She noticed that many people had no choice of where to spend their final days of life, other than in a hospital setting. Thus the concept of starting a hospice on the Gold Coast as an alternative place in which to die was born. With her partner Rev. Dr Ian Mavor, they set about bringing the dream of a place of hospitality and compassionate loving care at the end stage of life’s journey into a reality.

To read more of Deirdre’s life story that led to her Hospice work, go to Deirdre's Life Story.pdf [Download link below]

Now in her role as Founder she oversees and remains closely involved with all aspects of Hopewell’s continuing evolution and visioning and loves being an integral part of Hopewell’s community of loyal and creative staff and hundreds of volunteers. She continues to teach the Grief Counselling, and Palliative Care Courses and leads a Children’s Group each term as well as co-leading Hopewell’s latest community activity, The Women’s Group.

Rev Dr Ian Mavor OAM (1938 - 2015)

Ian shared with Deirdre Hanna in the founding of Hopewell and had served as Secretary of the Association since 1994. He was  Executive Director of Hopewell Hospice Services from 2004 until his death in 2015.   Ian had been Principal Education Officer (Health and Personal Development) in Education Queensland when Hopewell started, and then Executive Director of Lifeline Gold Coast.

He had also served as a member of the Health Community Council of the Gold Coast Health District and of the State Council of Palliative Care Queensland. In 2002, Ian was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) “For service to the community through a range of church, social welfare, education and health groups”.

 Ian's legacy, the Hopewell Community continues to this day.

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