Deirdre Hanna – Founder

As Founder of Hopewell Hospice (1993) and Paradise Kids (1996), Deirdre has many years of experience in working with palliative care and with children dealing with Grief and Loss. As a Chaplain in the Gold Coast Hospital, she became concerned for people unable to be at home at the end of life, and inspired the development of Hopewell Hospice as a home-style residential palliative care facility. She later gave expression to her concern for children dealing with grief, loss and illness by initiating the services of Paradise Kids.






Natasha Waters - Finance Manager

Natasha joined the team at Paradise Kids and Hopewell Hospice in September 2009. In Natasha’s role as Finance Manager, she brings with her a wealth of experience in all areas of financial management having held senior Finance and Administrator positions in both the government and private sector.  With the expansion of the diverse activities of Hopewell Hospice Services and the growth in the organisations budget, the role of the Finance Manager has continued to expand. This Division of Hopewell has also had to respond to the increasing levels of accountability that are required to maintain charitable status.


Vikki Strickland – Hospice Director

Vikki joined Hopewell in 2011.  With a diverse background which combines leadership skills from previous military service, followed by many years’ experience in the telecommunication industry working in consumer advocacy, complex complaint resolution and leading high-performance sales teams.

Vikki commenced  in hospice administration with responsibility for accreditation and regulatory compliance, Quality control and service delivery, working with guidance of  the late  Rev Dr Ian Mavor, co -founder of Hopewell Hospice Services inc.

Vikki moved into the role of Hospice Director in 2015, and in 2017 this was extended to include all divisions of Hopewell Hospice Service Inc.  Working closely with the board of directors, to deliver the objectives and vision of the organisation. Vikki has the responsibility, to foster and maintain relationships with government and non-government agencies and to lead a work force that includes professionals, para-professional, a large number volunteers and students. 


Julie Howe, Catering Manager

The term “Hospice” is closely related to “hospitality” and catering is a core component of Hopewell’s Services. In addition to her role in the Hospice, Julie is also Manager of the Simply Divine Café in the Paradise Kids Building. Under her leadership, and with her enthusiastic team of co-workers, most of whom are volunteers, residents and visitors experience warm hospitality, whether it be for regular meals or the numerous celebrations that are part of the life of the Hospice community.




Elle Flynn, RN -  Hospice Educator

Elle has been a member of the nursing staff for several years and has a strong commitment to the principles of palliative care, particularly the management of the full range of symptoms affecting the wellbeing of residents, physical, social, emotional and spiritual.

Elle has accepted responsibility for organising the ongoing education of staff members.