Our father passed away

"Wow. What an amazing group of people you are! I would like to thank all at Hopewell for the care of my father and his tribe of children over the previous week.”

“Our father passed away on Sunday afternoon at Hopewell. The support, guidance, home-made pikelets, tea, coffee, beds, reassurance, love and laughter (particularly the mad little dog Chino!) we received from you all was just such a blessing.

At no stage were we made to feel like we were in anyone's way or were being intrusive (very common in a hospital environment). We just could not imagine a more perfect way for any human being on this earth and their families, to be blessed to be able to experience what we all went through in such a loving, respectful and peaceful environment.

You are all incredibly special souls and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Bless you all... and all that you do...