Thank you for support and kindness

“Thank you for all your support and kindness over the last 18 days (my dad was admitted on 11 November). You have all been fantastic… to my dad and to me.

In particular, I appreciated the frank talking as to my dad’s detailed medical changes and expectations. I think that this open talk allowed us to understand the possible changes and to prepare for them as best as possible.
I would also like to compliment you as to the details of your care and compassion. I can assure you, that my father has never had a foot massage in his life, and that the foot massage he received at Hopewell was a moment of bliss. I think the hand and face washing is a big kindness to individuals who feel that their dignity has been compromised as their illness has progressed from stage to stage.

My father has always been fiercely independent and I appreciate that the team at Hopewell had the sensitivity to cater for this personality trait, in good humour and understanding. When all is said and done, my father’s death was in keeping with his desire and hopes, as verbalised numerous times.”