Hopewell Education Services

A College of Transformative Education

When Hopewell Hospice opened in 1994, a series of seminars on Palliative Care were organised and taught. From this start, numerous courses and workshops have been developed and under the banner of Hopewell Education Services. Thoughout the year, they are taught to many people from various walks of life including, Hopewell volunteers, community members, health professionals and staff of government agencies all whom benefit from the breadth of knowledge and training provided.

Hopewell Education Services provides a choice of courses and workshops on subjects based on an integral educative model aiming to deepen, enrich and transform the lives of participants. Our curriculum while offering factual information on grief theory and palliative care, provides opportunity for personal learning experiences at the same time. There is an emphasis on personal growth through self - reflection and experiential exercises. 

The aim of Hopewell Education Services is threefold:

  • Knowing - referring to the factual data that is provided;
  • Understanding - the factual knowledge then provides a basis for coming to a deeper understanding of what the information means in practice;
  • Reflecting - on the topic being examined through the use of practices and activities designed to encourage reflection.