Experiencing Grief

When the person that you have been caring for dies, although it may be an end to their suffering, it can also be a time of great loss and sadness for you.  This is time for you to remember to care for yourself physically, ensuring that you eat adequately and that you get enough rest.  Initially you may only be able to cope with the basics, so try not to do too much at all in the first few months and if possible, delay any big decisions that need to be made.

You may react in a manner that is unpredictable, and this may seem quite alien to you.  These reactive type feelings can include anger, anxiety, depression, relief and even guilt.  They may be quite frightening, particularly if you think you shouldn’t feel some of these things, however you need to be able to express what you are experiencing in some way.  You will need support while you grieve, and a trusted friend may be able to help, or you may even need the help of a professional bereavement counsellor.  Remember, you are not mentally ill, you are grieving.  Grief is normal.