Preparing to Say Goodbye

There are many times when saying goodbye to people is not easy. This is especially true when we’re saying goodbye to someone who is dying.Even if we know that person has lived a long life, and perhaps has become frail and weary and is ready to go, we may still find it very hard to say “goodbye”.

There are various reasons that could lead us to feel that distress.  We know we will miss the person and what they have brought into our lives.  We may fear for the future and what it will bring.  Sometimes emotional issues from the past remain unresolved.  At other times, we are reminded of previous grief and don’t want to relive that pain.  In addition, we are reminded of our own mortality and may not want to confront the fact that one day we too will die.

Because your loved one’s codition is deteriorating, you may be facing some of these issues right now.  We hope you find our notes on aspects of dying helpful.