Medical Enduring Power of Attorney

You can appoint a Medical Power of Attorney to make decisions about medical treatment on your behalf, if you are no longer able to make your own decisions.  This person, your ‘medical agent’, can refuse medical treatment for you based on their understanding of your wishes.

Appoint someone you trust to respect and carry out your wishes. You can appoint a second person as an alternative agent if your medical agent is unable to make decisions for you.  Your medical agent can refuse all medical treatment on your behalf. Medical treatment does not include offering water and food by mouth, which you may not accept, or palliative care to relieve pain and suffering.

Complete an enduring power of attorney form.  Click here for a list of Health Directives and Power of Attorney Forms on the Queensland Government Publication page.  

What to do with your completed form
You should leave your original document in a safe place, such as with your bank, but it’s important to keep a copy to refer to.
You should also give a copy to anyone else who may need to be involved, such as:

● your attorney
● your doctor
● your solicitor
● your accountant
● your stockbroker
● your bank

You do not need to register your completed document unless it is likely to be used in transactions related to buying or selling land. To register your document, take the original document to the Titles Registry and pay the fee.

If the power is revoked, you must deregister the document by lodging a revocation form with the Titles Registry.