For Enquiries 

Vikki Strickland
Hospice Director
Hopewell Hospice Services Inc 
P: 07 5625 1900

Andrea Laspina 
Nurse Manager 
Hopewell Hospice
P: 07 5625 1900

Family Support & Outreach
The Hopewell Centre
M: 07 5625 1900

For Donations

Natasha Waters
Finance Manager
The Hopewell Centre 
P: 07 5625 1900
F: 07 5574 6871

For Volunteering Enquiries

Margo Amundsen 
Volunteer Coordinator
The Hopewell Centre
P: 07 5574 6853
F: 07 5563 3139 

Phone: (07) 5625 1900
Fax: (07) 5574 6871

88 Allied Drive, Arundel Qld 4214
PO Box 1290, Runaway Bay 4216

The Staff of Hopewell are always keen to speak to you personally.  However your first point of contact may be dificult for you, face to face or on the phone, so please leave a message on this web form and we will get back to you through email or whatever method of contact you are comfortable with.

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