Death Café

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Fancy a coffee, cake and a conversation on death? Hopewell Hospice & Simply Divine Cafe will be hosting a Death Café during Palliative Care Week on Friday 26 May from 2 pm to 4 pm at 88 Allied Drive Arundel.  

Founded in London in 2012 the concept of Death Cafés has gone world-wide. The founders’ premise was simple: people go along, drink tea, eat cake and discuss death: not to be morbid, just to raise awareness and to "help people make the most of their (finite) lives".

According to the Hopewell Hospice’s founder Dee Hannah, “Ten out of ten people die, it's the only certainty in life. Yet we don't talk about it as a natural part of life and often find it difficult to start a conversation about it. I believe we are worse off for it because we miss out on the practicalities of choosing the best care we may want at end of life, either because we avoided the subject, or didn't communicate with family or friends. A lot of distress is also caused by poor estate planning. As if we can avoid death by not speaking of it. We have an opportunity to make the most of our finite lives by speaking about death and the end of life now in the midst of it, rather than waiting until a crisis or a funeral to take stock and revisit what is important to us. Death Cafe allows people in our community to safely explore this topic and hopefully embrace life more fully."

Topics are driven by the audience and their interest on the day. The event will be hosted by Deidre Hannah, founder of Hopewell Hospice and Paradise Kids and Margo Knox, an author and a facilitator for A Course in Miracles.

An examples of questions that have been raised in the past are:

  • Why are you afraid of dying?
  • Would you choose to be immortal if you could?
  • How can living well contribute to a good death later?
  • What is the one song you would

Come and join us at this free event and live a little. Seats are limited so please RSVP your interrest to by 22nd May, 2017.