Outreach Support

To support people caring for a loved one at home who requires palliative care, Hopewell Outreach Service has funds to enable the provision of additional respite services provided by other Nursing Services. It also provides social, emotional and spiritual support to the person who is palliative and to those providing care. This additional support is an important aspect of care provided in the Hospice and helps ease the emotional pressures of those providing care at home.

For more information, please download the information brochure: "Hopewell Outreach Service Brochure.pdf" from the link below.

This assistance often enables the person to remain at home, rather than requiring hospital care. It also builds a link with the Hopewell community in case it becomes necessary to become a resident in Hopewell Hospice. Contact with the Outreach Service is made by calling the Hospice on 5563 2930.