Meals and Dining

Food is an important factor in quality of life and has a central place in the life of the Hospice. Residents able to do so are encouraged to have their meals together in the dining room, while others may need to eat in their room.  Where necessary, a staff member or volunteer can assist with these meal times. Unlike hospital stays where meals are delivered and cleared within set times, Hopewell does not disturb you if you are resting.  We are prepared to make your breakfast freshly when you are ready to eat and our in-house cook is flexible with your meal options.  We have a feel for what our residents like and make sure that good home cooking brings both pleasure and comfort.  We have tea, coffee and biscuits available in our kitchen/dining area and each day a freshly baked cake on the table for you, your friends and family.  Your family is encouraged to make themselves at home and bring meals along.

While there is flexibility, normal meal times are:  Breakfast – 8.30am,  Lunch – 12.00pm., Dinner – 5.30pm.