Hopewell Hospice welcomes residents who are living with an advanced, progressive illness where active curative treatment is no longer possible, and who are not able to stay in or return to their previous home.  Referrals can be made directly to the Hospice - by you, your carer or family, your doctor, specialist or other health professionals.

We may be able to support you and your family members by visiting you in your home.  Through our outreach service we can provide social/emotional support along with the occassional home visit.

However if you feel that our Hospice is where you would like to receive holistic end of life care then we encourage you and your family to discuss your goals of care and needs with a member of our Family Support Team.  They can arrange an appointment for you to visit our site, take a tour and over a cup of tea, respond to the many questions you may have and guide you through our support services.